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Lynne Duffus
13:00 (UKT)
Join Lynne for general musings every weekday. Text 07740 377 377 (standard rate) starting your text with UK & a space


WHAT IS BFBS?  BFBS is the British Forces Broadcasting Service and incorporates radio and television services for the British Forces in the UK and around the world.

WHO RUNS BFBS?  BFBS is run by SSVC (the Services Sound & Vision Corporation), a charity, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. 

WHO PAYS FOR BFBS?  The MOD funds the BFBS Broadcasting Contract for Radio and Television overseas.

BFBS Radio's expansion on DAB Digital Radio in Great Britain is funded by the trustees of SSVC, not by the MOD.  SSVC's Chairman, Air Vice-Marshal Andy Vallance, says the move is "a massive gesture of support to the men and women who serve our country at home and abroad."

ISN'T BFBS JUST MOD PROPAGANDA?  Absolutely not!  BFBS has editorial independence from the MOD.  BFBS Radio has its own in-house, independent, 24/7 news service.  Copy and audio are obtained from a wide range of sources, including the BBC, Independent Radio News, 'wire' services such as PA and AP and MOD news releases.  We may tailor the order of our bulletins to serve our audience, just as any other community radio station would, but we decide our own editorial direction.  Our audience research tells us that the British Forces wouldn't have it any other way.

I'M A CIVILIAN.  CAN I LISTEN?  Of course!  We welcome anyone who supports the work of the British Forces. 

WHAT IS DAB DIGITAL RADIO?  Click here for more information about DAB Digital Radio, including coverage and where to buy sets.

WILL BFBS RADIO CONTINUE TO BROADCAST OVERSEAS?  Absolutely!  The whole point of our DAB expansion in Great Britain is to connect the whole of the British Forces community around the world, whether on operations in Afghanistan or Iraq, on a long-term posting, perhaps with family, in Germany or Cyprus, or on a six-month detachment in the Falklands.

WHERE ELSE CAN I HEAR BFBS RADIO?  On Sky Guide Number 0211, Freesat Channel 786 and online at the top of this page.