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How do we apply?

SSVC trustees react to requests for funds as quickly as possible.  Bids can be made by individual units or by a higher formation on behalf of units, with funds often being despatched within just ten days of receipt of a bid. 

Alongside SSVC's funding of BFBS Radio's expansion on DAB Digital Radio, the SSVC Welfare Fund is another link in the vital SSVC chain, the sole aim of which is to provide support and welfare for the British Forces, wherever they are in the world.


The SSVC Welfare Fund has been established by the Charity to finance welfare and recreational amenities, activities and projects, which directly or indirectly contribute to operational effectiveness (OE). Priority for the provision of funds will be accorded to those serving on, preparing for, or recovering from operations, and those living in isolated or arduous conditions; but funds will also be made available to support other requirements, including those in the home base, which contribute to OE by enhancing morale and developing personal attributes. This can include the sponsorship of sport and adventure training, and support to dependants.


1. The SSVC Welfare Fund will finance amenities, activities and projects which are not generally eligible for public funds.

2. The SSVC Welfare Fund will generally be used to provide capital for amenities, activities and projects which have the support and commitment of the chain of command. Only in exceptional circumstances, and where there is a viable business case, will funds be provided for running costs.

3. The ownership and administration of amenities, activities and projects supported by the Fund will generally be the responsibility of the parent Command or Unit.

4. Applications should be made direct to SSVC through the appropriate Command headquarters: PJHQ (for operational deployments), Fleet, Land and Air (for all others).


5. Applications should be made through SO1 J1 Plans, PJHQ, Northwood (for operational deployments), to Chief J1 or the Personnel staffs of the parent Command as appropriate. They in turn should forward applications, with their recommendation and any extra comments to:

The Secretary
SSVC Welfare Fund
Chalfont Grove
Chalfont St Peter

Where speed is vital, a copy of the bid can be passed simultaneously to SSVC via fax, +44 (0) 1494 878008 or e-mail to maria.james@ssvc.com

6. Units should not normally correspond directly with SSVC about the Fund except when acknowledging receipt of a grant.


7. Requests for grants are to include:

a) An explanation of the amenity required.
b) Justification for provision.
c) Total cost.
d) Amount sought from the SSVC Fund.
e) Statement of other possible sources of non-public funds available for the applicant.
f) Any contribution to be made from other non-public funds.
g) Numbers of Service personnel, broken down into Army, Navy and Air Force, expected to benefit directly from the amenity excluding dependants (except where they too are accompanying the beneficiaries.
h) Confirmation that the amenity sought is not an appropriate charge to public funds.
i) Confirmation that the applicant has fully assessed and can meet any future maintenance costs.
j) To whom the cheque should be made payable if the grant is approved.
k) The name and contact number of the Project Officer to whom queries may be addressed. NOTE: The Trustees will not reimburse an application for any costs incurred in anticipation of SSVC's approval.


8. Letters of acknowledgement for grants received should be sent by all recipients. SSVC and their auditors will use these letters as official confirmation that the grants have actually benefited those for whom they are intended. Letters should therefore be forwarded to the Secretary of the SSVC Welfare Fund at the above address. Any further information, such as the date of arrival of the item or facility is also welcomed by the Trustees, both for use in SSVC's Annual Report as well as advertising the SSVC Welfare Fund's activities.


9. Where at all feasible, all items or facilities provided by grants from the SSVC Welfare Fund are to be suitably labelled, engraved or fitted with a commemorative plaque by the parent unit, acknowledging SSVC's involvement. SSVC will automatically provide labels for smaller items. A permanent record of items should be kept and accounted for as though they were Service permanent stores.


10. Where the recipient cannot use an item, provided by the Fund (either because the item is lying idle, the unit has been disbanded or suchlike), the Trustees prefer the item is transferred to another unit or, as a last resort, is sold. If an item is sold the appropriate proportion of the proceeds should be returned by cheque made payable to "SSVC Welfare Fund" through Command Headquarters.